Therapeutic Methods of Haqua Gulping (TMHG)

Haqua Massage Therapy (HMT)

Haqua Steam Therapy

Haqua Eye Spa Therapy (HEST)

Haqua Compress Therapy (HCT)

Haqua Aer Therapy

Haqua Kata Fats Burning Workout Therapy (HKFBWT)

Haqua Neck Stretching Therapy (HNST)

Haqua Gargling Therapy (HGT)

Haqua Mouth Bleaching Therapy (HMBT)

Haqua Teeth Bleaching Therapy (HTBT)

Physical Health

Emotional Health

Mental Health

Spiritual Health

Haqua stretch therapy

Stretching under the healing power of hot water to target lower back pain.

Haqua massage therapy

The healing properties of water is used to freshen breath, strengthen gums.

Emotional health

This type of therapy freshens your mouth and whitens teeth.